Greens aeration at Santa María Golf Club 2021

ATTENTION ⚠️ Please note that on 1st and 2nd of June 2021 we will be aerating our greens and on these days only 9 holes will be open.
Players can either play just 9 holes or play two rounds of 9 to complete 18 holes.
We apologise for any inconvenience to members and visitors.

Between the 1st and 13th of June 2021 we have special prices for the puncture of the field. Only for direct bookings with the Caddymaster. Contact and bookings: +34 952 831 036 //

The greens on a golf course continually suffer from the impact of the players’ footsteps, the weight of the machinery used and the balls that affect their condition and compress it. Performing this task helps us to improve the appearance and to solve possible defects and irregularities. With the puncture of the greens we manage to aerate the grass, something that helps it breathe and be able to extract the nutrients it needs to live. When the state of the field is adequate, the development of microorganisms that help the grass grow is promoted. It is important to carry out the puncture before the arrival of the high temperatures of summer.